Photo: Adi Cohen

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Photo: Adi Cohen

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Born 1954, Haifa ISRAEL

Lives and works in Ramat Hasharon.

Studied Interior Design and Furniture at the NB Haifa School of Design.

Worked many years as an Interior Designer.

For some years now I learn and draw in the studio of the artist Ronit Agasi.


I draw and construct collages (Ready Made) from used tea bags, on which I work in a mixed technic (Mixed Media) combining Embroidery, Painting and Sketching. This is my way of bringing to life old materials, corresponding with ancient Kraft world and Feminine Technics, using the language of the Great Mother, the Wild woman, converting them into the contemporary world, the actual, the live and kicking . . .


As a daughter to Holocaust survivors, my work with tea bags started from the number tattooed on my mother’s hand, being an Auschwitz survivor. The look of her aging arm skin triggered me on a quest for a platform with texture and coloring to be as close as possible to the look of the aging skin, and enabled me to touch and to unravel the “Conspiracy of Silence”.



NOGA into the HEART

February 2021 – N.D. Gallery

Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne


February 2019 – Leelou Home Designer Loft

Curator: Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy



January 2018 – Zadik Gallery

Curator – Sari Golan




June 2020 – Art Salon

Curator – Dr. Nira Tessler



April 2020 – Art Salon

Curator – Dr. Nira Tessler



April 2018 – Hagada Ha Smalit

Curator – Nira Zeder



June 2019 – Two works from the series “Written on Skin” were accepted to “Yad Va Shem” museum collection.



March 2021

Portfolio – Hagit Peleg Rotem

Interview during the "Noga into the Heart" exhibition

March 2021

Artoday – Gili Sitton

Interview during the "Noga into the Heart" exhibition

March 2020

Artoday – Gili Sitton

Towards the opening of the “FEMMAGE” exhibitionנירה-טסלר-פותחת-גלריה-חדשה-לאמנות-וחוג/


February 2019

Portfolio – The common List

Towards the opening of the “RED MOON” exhibition


January 2018

Haaretz – Recommended Events – Eitan Bognim

Towards the Gallery Talk the “YOUR MOTHER’S CUNT” exhibition


December 2017

YNET Art – The artist that embroiders on Tea Bags – Orin Weinberg

Towards the opening of the “YOUR MOTHER’S CUNT” exhibition,7340,L-5061195,00.html