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April 2018 - Hagada Ha Smalit

Curator: Nira Zeder



Debbie Oshrat


As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, my work series regarding the Holocaust comprises an array of used Tea Bags sewn together.

My work with Tea Bags started from the number tattooed on my mother's hand, being an Auschwitz survivor. The look of my mother’s aging arm skin triggered me to go on a quest for a platform with texture and coloring to be as close as possible to the aging skin of her body.

Over this platform I draw and embroider different elements that deal with the Holocaust vanishing number. The number turns into an independent and central player in my works and has different relationships with the array: Being absorbed in it, falls apart, takes over etc. ... It is a kind of speech that stands against the long-lasting silence regarding the Holocaust, that was my experience together with the whole Holocaust second generation.

Also, my work corresponds with ancient feminine crafts and traditional technics such as sewing, weaving, embroidery, unraveling and reconnecting for the benefit of creating a contemporary, live and kicking world ...


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