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November 2021 - Ben Ami Gallery

Curator: The late Yohanan Harson


Curator: The late Jonathan Harson

Debbie Oshrat

Born 1954, Haifa ISRAEL

Lives and works in Ramat Hasharon.

Studied Interior Design and Furniture at the NB Haifa School of Design.

About a decade ago, after a long career in Interior Design and Architect Relations, while studying diverse spiritual subjects such as Master Reiki, Native American philosophy, Tarot Cards etc., I decided to dedicate myself to painting. . . I knew it was either now or never. . .

In the last few years I embroider stories in Tea, I draw and construct collages (Ready Made) from used tea bags, on which I work in a mixed technic (Mixed Media) combining Embroidery, Painting and Sketching. This is my way of bringing to life old materials, corresponding with ancient Kraft world and Feminine Technics, using the language of the Great Mother, the Wild woman, converting them into the contemporary world, the actual, the live and kicking . . .

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